Between galaxies the Starbugz take a trip,

Flying around in their asteroid spaceship.

But the headlamp goes crack! “Lights out, we’re lost!”

They hope for the best, their claws are crossed.


 Save the Earth

The six Starbugz, KUMO, SUZU, MOGU, JIRO, BIKA and IWA, are traveling through space in their asteroid spaceship when a broken headlamp sends them down to Earth.

The planet is dead and dirty, covered with garbage. The Starbugz hunt through the litter, collecting

odds and ends as presents for their children,

and when Iwa finds a replacement headlamp, the critters haul their treasures aboard and blast off, leaving behind a much cleaner, greener Earth.


This beautifully illustrated picture book shows early readers (ages 6–9) the importance of keeping the planet clean and brings awareness to the productions of garbage, littering, and blobal warming.


This is IWA

This is BIKA

This is KUMO

This is SUZU

This is JIRO

This is MOGU


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This is IWA